Arugula with Fennel, Mint & Navel Orange Segments

In the Northeast May practically demands outdoor dining, and because we have all been locked away since late October developing vitamin D deficiencies, we are more than happy to oblige.

Arugula topped with navel orange segments, fresh mint leaves and slices of fennel, lightly dressed in lemony vinaigrette is the perfect accompaniment to any meat or fish that might be grilling in your backyard.  Sometimes I toss in toasted pignola nuts, sometimes not, totally up to you.  The important thing to remember with this and any salad is to keep the dressing light, just enough to enhance the flavor of, but not hide the ingredients.

Arugula with Fennel, Mint & Navel Orange Segments

I almost feel it would be insulting to tell you to grab a bowl and fill it with arugula (about 4 cups), mint leaves (8-10 leaves torn by hand), sliced fennel bulb (1 large or 2 small), add segments of navel oranges (1 large or 2 small) and if you are feeling inclined to do so toasted pignola nuts (1/4 cup) so don’t worry I am definitely not going to tell you how to drop fresh ingredients into a bowl.

I am however going to offer you a rather informative link on how to slice citrus into perfect segments.


How to slice fennel for a salad

Lemony Vinaigrette

Zest from ½ lemon
1 lemon (the same one you just zested silly) rolled and juiced
1 teaspoon clover honey or agave
½ teaspoon rice vinegar
1 teaspoon sea salt (more or less to taste)
Freshly ground black pepper to taste
2-4 Tablespoons of Extra virgin olive oil (you may need more or less but usually within this range to get a nice creamy consistency for your vinaigrette)


In a bowl combine the zest, lemon juice, vinegar honey, salt and pepper , using a whisk or a fork (though  whisk does work better here) pour in the extra virgin olive oil in a steady but slow and SLIM stream while briskly whisky the ingredients together.


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