Active Dreaming

On a large plot of fertile land sits an old craftsman style farmhouse.   Every door and floor board  squeak but Paul and I don’t mind; it’s become an alert that the other is near, and we both find it comforting.  From nearly every window you can see a modest mountain range that interrupts the horizon.  The gray, seemingly translucent peaks frame rows of crop, our crops -herbs and vegetables that are carefully tended by our happy hands.  We have some goats, chickens, and two pigs.  I spend my days experimenting with cheese making and testing recipes, while Paul works every bit of our land into something almost entirely self sustaining. We sleep well, we eat well and we live well.

We don’t have that craftsman style farmhouse on a plot of fertile land, but we do know it exists somewhere in our financial future-just haven’t found it yet.  While we’re looking we occupy our time with the pleasures our dream is made up of: fresh soil under the fingernails, a stove top and oven that is always warm from having just been used, a table devoid of elbow room, and smiles on the mouths of our friends and family.

Some dreams are more vivid then others.  Some dreams you can see.  A pretty picture no doubt, but others you can see, taste, smell, hear and feel -these dreams must be carefully tended.  They need sunlight, test drives, they need to be explored and graphed until, piece by piece, that which seemed for whatever reason impossible is slowly becoming the reality you dreamed it could be.  This is what I refer to as “Active Dreaming”.  You ACTIVELY take part in making your dreams real using what you currently have on hand.  In order to try active dreaming for yourself just follow this simple formula: equal parts courage and faith and 1 part “I don’t care what you think”, carefully and slowly combine.

Paul fills a border trench with red worm compost. Learn more about red worm composting here

Homemade Ollas are used as our gardens irrigation system, learn more about this process here

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